Parent Organization: Special Interest Organizations

The German Club meets weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30 in Centennial Hall 3301. We have many different events, such as culture nights, trips to restaurants, information about German majors and minors, information about job opportunities and futures, craft nights, baking nights, cooking nights, poetry, texts, songs, games, etc.

We offer ride-sharing to Stammtisch on the weeks it is, and we share a document of different German texts and songs. We help students just beginning in German or just wanting to learn about German culture, as well as offering help and conversation to those in upper levels and fluent. A large portion of our members have studied abroad, and we are more than willing to help people who are looking to study abroad.

Our objectives currently are to experience German culture (specifically the food and language), enhance the knowledge of the German language and culture in our community and allow people to explore its offerings and opportunities, create a community of fun, friendly people who support each other, and spread the importance and awareness of German language and culture through fun times and exciting events.




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