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Active Minds

Active Minds focuses on advocacy for those who experience mental health issues on campus. We work to end stigma and increase wellness!

Advocates for Children

UWL-Advocates for Children is a service organization that works in the La Crosse community. We are a group of fun loving students who want to help save the world, starting by helping the future become a better place. By volunteering!

Aikido Club

Aikido is a martial art which teaches students techniques of self defense. It is a martial art built around the concept of blending your body and energy with the body and energy of an attacker. Members strive to enhance their abilities through practice.

Alpha Phi

Active at UW-L since 1963, Alpha Phi International Fraternity is a social sorority dedicated to promoting lifelong friendships, cultivating leadership, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and advocating service.

Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD)

Alpha Xi Delta was locally founded October 7, 1961, making AΞΔ the oldest social sorority at UW-La Crosse. The ladies of Alpha Xi Delta strive to help women realize their potential. Our national philanthropy is Autism Speaks. We meet Sunday's at 7pm!

Alpine Race Team

The UW-L Alpine Race Team is an excellent way for existing racers, expert, and intermediate level skiers/snowboarders to improve their skills or continue on the racing circuit. It is a great way to meet new people and enjoy some new areas in the Midwest.

American Chemical Society Student Affiliate (Chem/Biochem Club)

The purpose of this club is to encourage a spirit of camaraderie among chemistry students; to promote the study of chemistry and expose students to a broad range of career opportunities;we also encourage volunteering to bring science into the community.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The purpose of our collegiate chapter is to provide students with the opportunity to be part of an on-campus group interested in current marketing practices, issues, and events.

American Red Cross Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students with an opportunity to become involved with the American Red Cross on campus. We work to advocate the causes of the national organization and to support the American Red Cross.

American Society for Microbiology (Microbiology Club)

The Microbiology Club is open to majors and non-majors interested in microbiology. The club is dedicated to promoting education and opportunities in all fields of microbiology. The club also participates in volunteer events during the year.

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