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Asian Latina African Native American Women (ALANA) (ALANA Women)

ALANA started in 1990 and was primarily a place for women to share and support one another with race issues. However, over time the needs of the organization have changed… Today instead of being an organization solely for minority women we are an

Asian Student Organization (ASO)

The Asian Student Organization provides members with opportunites that will benefit their future goals as college students. This organization will provide their members with a culturally accepting environment and a further appreciation of diversity.

Black Student Unity (BSU)

The purpose of this organization shall be to establish and promote the fellowship, education, empowerment, and positive awareness of issues concerning the survival, success, and development of Black students on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

CSSA established for a social networking of its members at UWL and provide helpful information for Chinese students and scholars regards as language help, study skill, campus jobs and volunteer, traveling, and other study abroad experience.

Hmong Organization Promoting Education (H.O.P.E)

The Hmong Organization Promoting Education (HOPE) is one of the most active diversity organizations on campus. Our mission is to increase diversity and promote higher education to the local communities.

Intercultural Organization Promoting Awareness (IOPA)

IOPA exists to provide a social environment in which students can relate and talk about multi-ethnic identities and/or interracial relationships. It is also a great source for reducing the oppression and increasing the appreciation of diversity.

International Student Organization (ISO)

The International Student Organization helps international students to better understand the American society, foster better international relationships, promote international awareness on the campus and in the community and provide opportunities.

La Crosse International Friendship Exchange (L.I.F.E.)

L.I.F.E. is a student organization created with the purpose of connecting domestic (American) students and international students at UW-La Crosse in order to promote global friendships and to help spread cultural understanding!

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

Meetings: Thursdays at 7:00 in Centennial room 2205. The Latin American Student Organization promotes the Latin American culture throughout the campus and La Crosse community. We serve as a medium of cultural exchange between other ethnic groups.

Native American Student Association (NASA)

The Native American Student Association, NASA, is an organization whose members are students and community members. The goals of the NASA members are to support each other in educational, social, and cultural endeavors.

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